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001. | 290 icons

2NE1 x 114
After School (Nana) x 3
SNSD (Jessica) x 13
f(x) (only one Amber) x 60
Nine Muses (a lot of Hyemi) x 76
Big Bang (Daesung) x 21
BAP (Jongup) x 5

Half of these were made August-September 2013, rest were made Dec-Jan.
My style keeps changing and some better than others...majority of these are cropped so it cuts ppl's top heads off lol repetitive style more like it. I love gradients ;~; Some instagram pics r shit quality so I'm rly sorry about a few of CL's. I plan to make many more 9m. I just started with Hyemi and the rest of Namyu were my early pieces.





[Nine Muses]


☆ Please credit me
☆ Most originals available if you ask
Tags: *icons, icons: 2ne1, icons: 9muses, icons: after school, icons: bap, icons: big bang, icons: f(x), icons: girls' generation
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